Lace Locks : Customized Text in 2 colors (1 pair)


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Have you ever dreamed of making your shoes unique?
To show what you love and what you care about?
With these Lace Locks to put on your shoe laces, you can customize your shoes with your own text !!


• Select your colours!
• The main color: color of the text.
• The secondary color: color of the outline.

• Send us your personalized text (letters – numbers – special characters) in the text field below. Shoe right and left if necessary (if you do not specify we will do the most adapt by putting the full text on the 2 Lace Locks or separating it on the Lace Locks left and right).

• And tell us if you prefer Style 1: Handwriting, or Style 2: Sans Serif (if the style is not specified then Style 1 will be chosen by default, if the text is uppercase then style 2 will be selected by default). NEW : you can now contact us if you have a special font type.


• The package contains a pair of the model (twice the same, or different by shoe if specify) with a paper packaging.

• The dimensions vary according to the length of the text (between 20mm and 40mm long, please indicate in the customization field if strict dimensions are necessary). If your text is too long (> 8 characters) it can be put on two lines (see example image 4: “May the force” | “Be with you”). If the number of characters is too important (> 13 per lace lock), the model will lose in details, we will contact you if this is the case and if it is feasible or not.

• The total thickness is 3.5mm: 2.80mm for the lace lock | The text comes out of 0.7mm.

• All laces locks of the Objoy Creation® shop are printed in 3D from PLA, a highly resistant and durable bio-plastic created from biomass. They are therefore biodegradable and environmentally friendly!


Are you a company ? A group of students? You want to cover an event and you want the shoes of your team to be unique?
Contact us by message via the Etsy shop, we will send you wholesale prices to make your team unique!

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